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If you’re wondering how to start a credit repair business, you’re in the right place. This article covers all you need to know to start a profitable credit fix business. Including credit repair laws, surety bonds, licensing, and the best credit repair software for business.

In America, credit scores play a vital role in a person’s financial life. This is because businesses evaluate credit history when a person applies for a loan, insurance, lease, or sometimes even for employment. Although everyone is trying to maintain a good credit score, there are inevitable things that can result in credit problems. Such as business bankruptcy, a job layoff, or an illness.

This is why a credit repair business in the USA is in-demand and profitable. Many people need help to maintain or improve their credit scores. Consumers with a good credit score, of 670 or higher, can get: (1) a higher loanable amount. (2) Lower interest rates. (3) More loan options. (4) More leasing options. And (4) avail insurances. Compared to individuals who have bad credit scores, 669 and below.

Starting a credit repair business has a straightforward goal. To fix or restore credit standing for clients. This involves finding errors in credit reports and filing disputes with creditors and credit bureaus to correct the errors on behalf of the client. Like any other business, there are things you need to know and prepare before conducting any services to clients.

Here is a guideline on how to start a credit repair business in the USA.


1. Learn and abide by the credit repair laws.

The United States of America published the Credit Services Organization Act to regulate credit repair businesses and protect consumers against unfair business practices.The credit services organization act prohibits any credit repair companies in the USA or any person to:– Change or remove accurate information from a consumer’s credit report. – Make untrue or misleading representations of the services offered.

  • Engage in any act of fraud or deception on consumers.
  • Receive any payment before the completeness of the services to be performed.
  • Make a new consumer identity to hide a client’s true creditworthiness.
  • Conduct business without a written contract, dated and signed by the client.
  • Conduct services without disclosing the consumer credit file rights under state and federal law.

Some states in America amended the general credit repair laws to provide more protection to their consumers. We provide a specific page for credit repair laws by state to help you easily check the credit laws of the state you wish to start a credit repair business. For instance, credit repair laws in FloridaCalifornia, and New York.


2. Register your credit repair business.

Before conducting any services to a client, it is required to register your credit repair business in the state you will be operating. Here are some tips on how to start a credit repair business registration.

  • Contact the secretary of state you will be operating to know the required documents to register the business.
  • Contact the city or county you will be operating to check if you need an occupational license to conduct credit fix services. If you’re starting a credit repair business from home, you may need a home office zoning permit. Contact the zoning board of your county regarding this matter.
  • Get a surety bond. Most states require a surety bond from a surety company in the state when starting a credit repair business. This is to protect clients from any damages that your services may cause. The required surety bond differs from state to state. Some states require a $100,000 surety bond like in California. 10,000 surety bond like in Florida. And some do not require a surety bond at all like New Jersey.
  • Register your company as LLC (Limited Liability Company). Many business experts and attorneys suggest registering a credit fix business as LLC for its tax benefits and protective features.
  • Consider consulting a business accountant or attorney to get good advice regarding laws and taxes.


3. Get the best credit repair software for business.

Automation, record keeping, and the ability to detect errors and discrepancies fast are key elements for your credit repair business’s success. As your business grow, your schedule will be more hectic. Cutting down time to extract credit reports, detect errors, write and send letters of dispute, sending repetitive emails for marketing campaigns and client updates, and extracting all derogatory items allows you to manage more clients efficiently.


If you are looking for a credit repair software, check out the Credit Money Machine Premium. It is the first software for repairing credit and trusted by many credit repair professionals and businesses. It is by far the fastest software in the market. What takes more than 60 minutes to process a client, only takes 10 seconds using this amazing software. The CMMW software is designed for speed and power. Allowing you to save time with tools that will make your work easier, faster, and more accurate.

Here’s a short video clip on how to add disputes manually using Credit Money Machine Premium.



These are the three most important things you must consider in how to start a credit repair business in USA. Aside from these, you need to develop a good credit repair business plan, understand your market, and continue to learn marketing strategies to grow your business. I hope you find this article helpful and learn how to start your credit repair business in USA. If you think there’s more to add to the list, feel free to comment down below and we’ll tackle it in the next blog.


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